Installation Options for Syncro SVN Client

Choosing how Syncro SVN Client runs

You can install Syncro SVN Client to run in a number of ways:

Choosing an installer

You have a choice of installers;

  • The native installer for your platform. On Windows and Linux, the native installer can run also in unattended mode.

  • The All-platforms installer, which can be used on any supported platform.

The installation packages were checked before publication with an antivirus program to make sure they are not infected with viruses, trojan horses, or other malicious software.

Choosing a license option

You must obtain and register a license key to run Syncro SVN Client.

Upgrading, transferring, and uninstalling.

You can also upgrade Syncro SVN Client, transfer a license, or uninstall Syncro SVN Client.

Getting help with installation

If you need help at any point during these procedures, please send us an email at