Entering Local Paths and URLs

The Syncro SVN Client includes a variety of option configuration pages or wizards that contain text boxes where you specify paths to local resources or URLs of items inside remote repositories. The Syncro SVN Client provides support in these text boxes to make it easier to specify these paths and URLs.

Local Item Paths

The text boxes used for specifying local item paths support the following:
  • Absolute Paths - In most cases, the Syncro SVN Client expects absolute paths for local file system items.
  • Relative Paths - The Syncro SVN Client only accepts relative paths in the form ~[/...], where ~ is the user home directory.
  • Path Validation - Syncro SVN Client validates the path as you type and invalid text becomes red.
  • Drag and Drop - You can drag files and folders from the file system or other applications and drop them into the text box.
  • Automatic Use of Clipboard Data - If the text box is empty when its dialog box is opened, any data that is available in the system clipboard is used as long as it is valid for that text box.

Repository Item URLs

Note: The text boxes that are in the form of a combo box also allow you to select previously used URLs, or URLs defined in the Repositories view.