Compare Toolbar

The toolbar contains the following actions:

The Compare toolbar

Perform directories differencing
Looks for differences between the two directories displayed in the left and right side of the application window.
Perform files differencing
Compares the currently selected files.
Copy Change from Right to Left
Copies the selected change from the right side to the left side (if there is no file/folder in the right side, the left file/folder is deleted).
Copy Change from Left to Right
Copies the selected change from the left side to the right side (if there is no file/folder in the left side, the right file/folder is deleted).
Binary Compare
Performs a byte-level comparison on the selected files.
Diff Options
Opens the directory comparison preferences page.
Show Only Modifications
Displays a more uncluttered file structure by hiding all identical files.
File and folder filters
Differences can be filtered using three combo boxes: Include files, Exclude files, and Exclude folders. They come with predefined values and are editable to allow custom values. All of them accept multiple comma-separated values and the * and ? wildcards. For example, to filter out all jpeg and gif image files, edit the Exclude files filter box to read *.jpeg, *.png. Each filter keeps a list with the latest 15 filters applied in the drop-down list of the filter box.