Customizing Default Options

Syncro SVN Client has an extensive set of options that you can configure. When Syncro SVN Client in installed, these options are set to default values. You can provide a different set of default values for an installation using an options file.

Creating an options file

To create an options file:
  1. Open Syncro SVN Client. You may wish to use a fresh install for this procedure, to make sure that you do not copy personal option settings to the group.
  2. Open the Preferences dialog .
  3. Go through the options and set them to the desired defaults. Make sure that you are setting global options, not project options in each page.
  4. Close the Preferences dialog.
  5. Go to Options > Export Global Options and create an XML options file.
  6. Go to back to the main preferences page and click Export Global Options to create an options file.

Providing Default Option Values

Use either one of the following ways to configure an Syncro SVN Client installation to use customized default options from an XML configuration file:

Note: Make sure that the options configuration file has either the .xml extension (for example: default-options.xml) or an .xpr extension depending on the way in which it was created (from the global options or saved at project level).