Checksum Mismatch Error

A Checksum Mismatch error could happen if an operation that sends or retrieves information from the repository to the working copy is interrupted. This means that there is a problem with the synchronization between a local item and its corresponding remote item.

If you encounter this error, try the following:
  1. Identify the parent directory of the file that caused the error (the file name should be displayed in the error message).
    Note: If the parent directory is the root of the working copy or if it contains a large amount of items it is recommended that you check out the working copy again, rather than continuing with the rest of this procedure.
  2. Identify the current depth of that directory.
  3. Update the parent directory using the Update to revision/depth action that is available from the contextual menu or the Working copy menu.
    1. For the Depth option, select This folder only (empty).
      Warning: If you have files with changes in this directory, those changes could be lost. You should commit your changes or move the files to another directory outside the working copy prior to proceeding with this operation.
  4. After clicking OK the contents of the directory will be erased and the directory is be marked as having an empty depth.
  5. Once again, update the same directory using the Update to revision/depth action.
    1. This time, for the Depth option, select the depth that was previously identified in step 2.
  6. If you moved modified files to another directory outside the working copy, move them back to the original location inside the working copy.

If this procedure does not solve the error, you need to check out the working copy again and move possible changes from the old working copy to the new one.